Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated Roofing

In years past, metal roofs looked like corrugated roofs and belonged on sheds, barns, and standing seam commercial applications. Today, Corrugated Roofing has seen a renaissance with new coatings and more durable materials. Corrugated Roofing Steel uses corrugated steel which means it’s shaped into parallel folds which are alternatively grooved and ridged. 

Having experience with Corrugated Roof installation and repair is important when choosing which Roofing Contractor or roofing company for your home. At Henrico Roofing Pros, our goal is to deliver a quality product and professional service to every project we do.

We have served clients in Henrico, VA, and beyond for generations proving commitment to community, hard work, and ethical business practices. Our skilled roofing specialists will repair any size damage and install it quickly. 

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